14 December 2016

TOP 10 strange Icelandic foods: Do you dare to eat this?

 Have you heard the rumours about strange or weird foods in Iceland? Some are delicious and eatable but others are just very … interesting! For an example, where else will you have the chance of eating the private parts of a lamb? – And this is actually a considered to be a normal dish eaten here in Iceland!  In this blog I will do my very best to enlighten you on Iceland's most strange foods and drinks.

The unique food culture in Iceland

To begin with, when we look at Icelandic history through these strange foods – two things should definitely be mentioned.

Firstly, Icelanders have always had to ferment, cure, smoke, pickle and dry their foods to preserve it long enough. Simply to survive the winters!

Secondly, due to Iceland´s isolated and geographical location in the North Atlantic Ocean, the ability of buying varieties of foods has always been very limited or did not exist at all. Because of this, the Icelanders have a long history of eating mainly lamb and fish. And they made great use of what they had, meaning they used absolutely everything on the animals. Good riddance!

These two cultural and historical factors have led to some of the following top 10 strange foods in Iceland …

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